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Hortec homes, since 1996, focusses on the mission of creating an enlightening    environment and space for residential and commercial purposes:Villas, resorts, restaurants, tree houses, floating houses etc. 
At Hortec homes , an architectural  design is shaped as the innovative and   fine tuned version of a client’s dreams.  The evolution of such  a design is always catalyzed by the factors such as form ,function, ecology around and budget.    And we have the capability to offer design and build solutions. Ultimately ,we create spaces to improve the quality of life. 

Besides design and build , Restoration and modification  of old buildings is another area of our expertise.We do it with utmost care and passion to maintain the soul of original design. 
And  our design and build solutions offer both: conventional and  faster non conventional methods.Our expertise in un conventional construction -prefab style- opens wonderful avenues of budget oriented living spaces.

What we do?



Here we combine your home dreams , nature and budget to create a meaningful living space. Combining technology and new generation building solutions we do it within a short span os time. And we have the expertise to express a concept in conventional and non conventional way.


Nature first. We are always driven by this philosophy when designing a resort.Hence the design itself imparts an unwinding experience with nature.

Commercial Buildings

When it comes to commercial spaces we cross the boundaries of normal equations and design inspiring spaces for business and work. And we always explore the possibilities of natural elements and state of the art technology to optimise energy management.

Prefab Construction

We offer wide range of design and build prefab solutions that fit for all categories of buildings and budget. This helps us finish a project in a faster way. Thanks to our technical competency, man power and fabrication facility.

Land Scaping

It involves a creative process of beautifying the environment for better living experience. We impart a thoughtful touch on landscapes and transforms out doors to lovable spaces. Be it a tiny courtyard or a sprawling estate we treat it as an extension of natural settings.

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